It’s not always best to be #1

"Number One" toilet paper?

Sign seen in a supermarket window in Labasa, Fiji.

Wouldn’t “Nambatoo” be better?

An even more circuitous route

I recently found a roundabout route on Google Maps that is even longer than the one I wrote about two years ago.

Google’s recommended route from Fagal, Djibouti to Murad, Yemen, a mere 20 miles or so away across the Gulf of Aden, is 16637 km long (over 10,000 miles) and, as they warn you, crosses through multiple countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Algeria (crossing the Sahara Desert), then by ferry to France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria (where inexplicably you have to make a U-turn 100 miles past Belgrade), Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, before finally entering Yemen.  A total of 20 countries on 3 continents–and if you don’t mind driving a few extra kilometers, you can easily also take in Monaco, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Lebanon and Jordan along the way. I think I’ll pass on this particular road trip, though.

WeatherBlink still on the blink…

WeatherBlink still on the blink...

And now its raining in Los Angeles

Why I don’t subscribe to WeatherBlink

Why I don't subscribe to WeatherBlink

No, it’s warm and sunny right now…