A streetcar named…St Charles?

While visiting New Orleans I recently discovered a delightful piece of trvia, something I had wondered about for years (or to be more accurate, something I wondered about briefly many years ago).  A section of streetcar track where streetcars traveling in opposite directions travel in the same direction.  I will explain.


This short section of track at Lee Circle in New Orleans is used by streetcars traveling in both directions on the St. Charles line.  Westbound cars enter on the left of the picture and leave by the track about 2/3rds of the way down on the right, while eastbound cars enter on the track in the right background and leave by the track at the bottom right hand corner.  Between the two switches (a distance of about 30 feet) all cars travel towards the camera.  This unusual arrangement results from the one-way traffic flows in the area. St. Charles Avenue becomes one-way here, so eastbound cars turn left here and jog one block over in order to continue along parallel Carondelet Street.  In doing so, they have to proceed 270° around the traffic circle, so their path briefly coincides with that of the cars coming the other way.

This satellite view from Google Maps may make things a bit clearer:

St. Charles Avenue runs almost north-south through Lee Circle at this point.  The one-way section is at the top of the image.

A car on the eastbound/westbound track

A car approaching on the east/westbound track--but is it headed East or West?

I wonder, are there any other places where streetcars or trains going in opposite directions on a route use the same tracks in the same direction?